France Holiday Parks 2024

Le Parc Des Allais
Unwind at Le Parc Des Allais, a serene holiday park nestled by the Vienne River. Enjoy a riverside pool complex, fishing lake, and various activities. Choose from different accommodation styles to suit your family's needs.

Le Parc de Fierbois
Le Parc de Fierbois, located in France's picturesque Loire region, offers a vibrant blend of natural beauty and lively entertainment. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, diverse activities including a skate park, crazy golf, fishing, and two pool complexes with waterslides. Nightly entertainment and dining options add to the charm.

Le Petit Bois
Le Petit Bois, a 4-star holiday park, offers tranquillity beside the Ardèche River. With 121 pitches, it boasts a cosy atmosphere, diverse accommodation, and a pool complex. Enjoy tree climbing, ziplining, and local cuisine at La Voile Blanche restaurant.

Le Petit Mousse
Le Petit Mousse in Vias Plage, Languedoc, France is a vibrant parc offering direct beach access, diverse accommodation, and a cosy atmosphere. Enjoy waterslides, lagoon and children's pools, sports facilities, and evening entertainment.

Le Pin Parasol
Le Pin Parasol, nestled in Vendée's serene woodlands, offers a blend of adventure and relaxation. Enjoy the pool complex, water slides, spa resort, and direct access to Lac du Jaunay. Varied accommodation and extensive activities ensure a memorable stay.

Le Pommier
Le Pommier, a 5-star holiday park in Ardèche, offers a vibrant atmosphere with a spectacular water park, modern accommodation, and a variety of activities. Enjoy waterslides, pools, sports, kids' clubs, and evening entertainment amidst scenic countryside.

Le Pommier Campsite
Le Pommier Campsite is a 5-star holiday parc set in the Ardèche's heart, offering an array of activities, comfortable to luxurious accommodation, and a large waterpark with 12 slides and three pools. Enjoy evening entertainment, diverse dining options, and a range of sports facilities.

Le Port De Plaisance
Le Port De Plaisance, a coastal gem in Brittany's woodland, offers a large indoor swimming dome, outdoor pools, and a spa. Enjoy diverse accommodation, proximity to Bénodet's sandy beaches, and numerous activities including cycling and adventure courses.

Le Ranc Davaine
Le Ranc Davaine, a medium-sized park in Ardèche, offers natural beauty, thrilling activities, and comfortable accommodations. Enjoy swimming pools, waterslides, sports, and evening entertainment. Perfect for both relaxation and adventure.

Le Roussillonnais
Le Roussillonnais, a serene holiday parc, offers direct beach access, diverse accommodation, and a range of activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and a kids' club. Enjoy local cuisine and evening entertainment, all within reach of Argelès-sur-Mer.

Le Ruisseau
Le Ruisseau, in the scenic Landes region, offers a mix of comfort and luxury with its accommodation. Enjoy the outdoor pool's waterslides, indoor pool, spa complex, and a variety of activities. Proximity to Biarritz and the Atlantic coast adds to its charm.

Le Sainte Marie
Le Sainte Marie, a vibrant holiday park in Roussillon, France, offers family-friendly facilities, a range of accommodation options, and a 1,500 m² aqua complex. Enjoy activities like fishing, canoeing, and evening entertainment.

Le Serignan Plage
Le Sérignan Plage, a seaside holiday park in Languedoc, France, offers direct beach access, diverse accommodation, a lagoon pool with slides, spa, fitness centre, and evening entertainment. A perfect family getaway.

Le Soleil De La Mediterranee
Le Soleil De La Mediterranee, in St Cyprien, France, offers a unique coast and country experience with a fabulous pool complex, 95m waterslide, and a variety of activities. Enjoy the nearby beach, marina, local cuisine, and vibrant evening entertainment.

Le Soleil Des Landes
Uncover the magic of Le Soleil Des Landes, a tranquil holiday parc in France's Landes region. Boasting a heated swimming pool, thrilling waterslides, and a variety of accommodation options, this parc is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, all set in 24 acres of lush woodland.