France Holiday Parks 2024

Club Colombier
Discover the chic Club Colombier, a Yelloh! Village holiday park in the French Riviera. Enjoy a luxurious retreat with a vast pool complex, thrilling waterslides, and a lazy river. Accommodation ranges from comfortable to stylish, with activities for all ages.

Club Farret
Club Farret, nestled in Languedoc's wine region, offers direct beach access and proximity to Béziers airport. It boasts a lagoon-style pool complex, indoor spa, play areas, and sports facilities. Luxurious accommodation and lively evening entertainment ensure a fulfilling stay.

Club Le Napoleon
Club Le Napoleon, a delightful holiday park in Vias Plage, offers beach proximity, vibrant atmosphere, and a variety of accommodation options. Enjoy the water park, heated pools, spa, kids' clubs, and evening entertainment, amid dining and shopping options.

Coeur De Vendee
Coeur De Vendee, a family-friendly holiday park in Vendée, France, offers a mix of relaxation and adventure with a 50m water slide, outdoor and heated indoor pools, a private fishing lake, and a kids' club. Enjoy evening entertainment, sports facilities, and comfortable accommodation.

Cote D'Argent
Discover the enchanting Cote D'Argent holiday park, nestled in lush pine forests and close to Hourtin-Plage. With a waterpark, dual pool complexes, and a covered pool, it offers a mix of outdoor adventures and cultural excursions. Great for families and wine lovers.

Cote Mer
Uncover the tranquillity of Cote Mer, a serene holiday park in the French Riviera's heart. Enjoy a comfortable stay, a small inviting pool, various activities, and proximity to a Blue Flag beach.

Discover the tranquillity of Parc Coucou, nestled in France's Dordogne region. Enjoy a range of activities from kayaking to football, and unwind in the cosy on-site bar. With a charming woodland setting and enchanting Château views, it's the perfect escape.

Crin Blanc
Crin Blanc is a tranquil holiday park in Provence, offering a mix of relaxation and adventure. It features three outdoor pools, a balneotherapy pool, a splash park, sports facilities, and evening entertainment. It's close to nature reserves, beaches, and the charming town of Saint-Gilles.

Criques de Porteils
Unwind at Criques de Porteils, a tranquil holiday park nestled between mountains and sea in Roussillon, France. Enjoy breathtaking views, private beach, varied accommodation, pool complex with waterslides, scuba diving, mini vineyard tours, and dining overlooking Argelès Bay.

De La Plage
De La Plage, a beach-side retreat in Canet en Roussillon, offers a blend of sandy shores and a sun-soaked pool complex. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, exhilarating waterslides, tranquil spa experiences, and local market exploration.

Des Menhirs
Des Menhirs, a seaside holiday park in Brittany, offers a mix of relaxation and adventure with its impressive pool complex, waterslides, and Jacuzzi. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, local exploration, and a range of activities for an unforgettable stay.

Domaine D Anghione
Discover the Mediterranean allure of Domaine d'Anghione, a 4-star holiday park in Corsica. Enjoy direct beach access, diverse accommodation, three swimming pools, and a plethora of land activities. Savour live evening entertainment and varied dining options.

Domaine D Eurolac
Domaine d'Eurolac is a family-friendly holiday park nestled in the Landes forest, offering a serene woodland setting with vibrant facilities. Enjoy the turquoise pools, waterslide, children's lagoon, wellness centre, lakeside beach, sports activities, and lively evening entertainment.

Domaine D Inly
Domaine D Inly, nestled in Brittany's heart, offers an exciting blend of relaxation and adventure. With a spectacular water park, horse riding, dining options, and vibrant evening entertainment, this park guarantees an unforgettable holiday experience.

Domaine D Oleron
Domaine D Oleron, a tranquil holiday park on Ile d’Oléron, offers a peaceful retreat with comfortable accommodation, cycling facilities, and an inviting pool complex. Enjoy on-site dining, entertainment, and easy access to local natural beauty.