Holiday Parks in Abruzzo

Stork, Italy, Abruzzo


Stork, a tranquil holiday park on Italy's east coast, offers lush greenery, a river, beach access, and a range of comfortable accommodation. Enjoy a 25-metre pool with chutes, a Jacuzzi, aqua gym, sports, and local cuisine.

Ultimate 2024 Family Guide to Holiday Parks in Abruzzo

UPDATED July 2024:

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Abruzzo, Italy, is a gem for families seeking a blend of adventure and culture. With its sunny Mediterranean climate, this region offers a perfect backdrop for exploring its rugged landscapes and sandy beaches. Abruzzo's rich culture is mirrored in its vibrant festivals and delicious cuisine, think fresh seafood and hearty pasta dishes. Each year, over a million holiday makers are drawn to its charm. For kids, there's plenty to do, from beach fun to exploring medieval villages. Flight time from the UK is around 2.5 hours. Abruzzo has more national parks than any other region in Europe, making it ideal for families looking to immerse themselves in nature while staying at a European holiday park. The main advantage? It's an unbeatable mix of cultural immersion, outdoor activities, and relaxation opportunities, all in one family-friendly package.

Discover Abruzzo Holiday Parks

European holiday parks are essentially self-contained resorts offering a variety of accommodations, from mobile homes to chalets and camping spots. Expect amenities like swimming pools, play areas, and entertainment programs. They're designed for convenience, providing everything a family might need within walking distance. Choosing a holiday park over traditional UK hotels offers families more freedom and space. The self-catering option allows for a flexible schedule and diet, while the range of on-site facilities keeps everyone entertained. Plus, they're often more affordable, especially for larger families. Many parks boast direct beach access, thrilling waterslides, and diverse dining options, from casual bars to upscale restaurants. A number of them also welcome pets, making them a great option for the entire family.

Why Take Your 2024 Family Holiday Park Break in Abruzzo?

Abruzzo is a hidden gem with lush national parks, pristine beaches, and medieval villages. It's less crowded than other Italian regions, offering a peaceful retreat. Abruzzo family holiday park breaks offer a range from budget-friendly options under £350 to luxurious choices exceeding £1,500 per week, depending on factors like season, park amenities, accommodation type, and proximity to popular areas like the coast or mountains. The region hosts unique festivals, like the vibrant 'Festa dei Serpari' in Cocullo. Abruzzo offers a distinct blend of culture, nature, and adventure, making it an exceptional choice for a family holiday.

What's in it for the kids?

  1. Endless waterslides and swimming pools for aquatic fun.
  2. On-site entertainment, from shows to mini-discos.
  3. Freedom to explore safely within the park's boundaries.
  4. Adventure playgrounds and sports courts for endless play.
  5. Bike hire and nature trails for outdoor exploration.
  6. Watersports and activity programs for new experiences.

Staying safe in the sun and in the pools

Many parks offer kids' clubs, providing shaded activities for those sensitive to the sun. Safety is a priority, with lifeguards at pools and staff trained in first aid. These measures ensure parents can relax while their children have fun.

Pet Friendly Abruzzo Adventures

Taking your pet on holiday to Europe is straightforward with the right preparation. Ensure your pet's microchip, rabies vaccination, and pet passport are up to date. Abruzzo's holiday parks are welcoming to pets, offering spaces where they can stay comfortably. Restaurants like 'La Bandiera' in Civitella Casanova welcome pets, making dining out easy.
  1. Check pet documentation is current.
  2. Choose a pet-friendly holiday park.
  3. Pack your pet's favourite toys and food.
  4. Locate nearby pet-friendly restaurants and beaches.
  5. Ensure your pet is comfortable with travel.

Dog walking routes in Abruzzo

Route Distance (miles) Scenery Postcode
Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Various Mountain, forest 67030
Pineto Beach 2.5 Coastal 64025
Lago di Barrea 3 Lake, forest 67030
Calanchi di Atri 4 Badlands 64032
Monte Amaro 5+ Mountain 66010

Dining at the park, or heading out

Holiday parks often feature on-site restaurants, offering convenience and variety. Abruzzo's cuisine is rich, with dishes like 'Arrosticini' (lamb skewers) and 'Maccheroni alla chitarra'. For families, 'Ristorante Da Giuseppe' in Pescara is welcoming and serves traditional dishes. Couples might enjoy 'Al Metrò' in San Salvo, known for its seafood and romantic setting.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Abruzzo is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The region offers kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing along its Adriatic coast. Inland, families can enjoy hiking in the national parks. Prices vary, with watersports starting from €20 per hour. Most activity centres operate from April to October, aligning perfectly with school holidays.

Handy packing list

Item Description
Travel Documents Passports, booking confirmations, travel insurance
Medications Prescriptions, first-aid kit
Sun Protection Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses
Beach Essentials Swimwear, towels, beach toys
Comfortable Footwear For walking and exploring
Entertainment Books, games, devices for long journeys
Pet Supplies If bringing a pet, include their food, leash, and toys
This checklist ensures families are well-prepared for a memorable holiday park adventure in Abruzzo.

Top Europe Parks for 2024 in Abruzzo


  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Pescara Abruzzo (PSR) (41.8km)
  • Address: Via del Mare, 11, 64026 Cologna Spiaggia, Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), Italy
Stork Holiday Park About this park: Stork Holiday Park is a serene oasis located on Italy's east coast, offering lush greenery, a meandering river, and direct beach access. Accessible via Pescara Abruzzo Airport, it's an idyllic setting for families seeking a peaceful retreat with a variety of accommodation options. Pools - The park features a 25-metre swimming pool with three winding water chutes, a Jacuzzi, and aqua gym classes. It's a perfect spot for family fun, with no restrictions mentioned, ensuring a splash-tastic time for all ages. For the kids - Kids will be thrilled with the array of activities available, including sports competitions, beach volleyball, table tennis, and a playground. The evening shows and water chutes add to the excitement, making every day an adventure. What's on-site? Adults can enjoy yoga classes, dining at the park's restaurant, or unwinding at one of the two bars. The park also offers evening entertainment, making it a great place for both relaxation and fun. What's nearby? Explore Giulianova (3.6 miles) for a taste of local Italian life, or visit the Aqua Park Onda Blu (15 minutes) for a day of water-based fun. The Gran Sasso National Park is within a 2-hour drive, offering breathtaking natural beauty. Accommodation options: Stork offers a range of accommodation options suitable for couples, groups, and families. With 274 pitches, options range from comfortable to stylish, ensuring a restful stay amidst nature. Pets are allowed, making it a great choice for pet owners.


What exactly is a European holiday park?

A European holiday park, particularly in regions like Abruzzo, is a self-contained resort offering a variety of accommodation options, amenities, and activities suitable for families. These parks are designed to provide everything you might need on-site, from grocery stores to entertainment, making them a convenient choice for a family holiday.

How do I pick the right one for my family?

Consider what's most important to your family. Do you need a kids' club, swimming pools, or proximity to natural attractions? Abruzzo offers parks like the International Camping Torre Cerrano which is close to the beach and has facilities for children. Read reviews and check the park's official website for detailed information on facilities and activities.

What types of accommodation are there?

Accommodation in Abruzzo's holiday parks ranges from tents and mobile homes to luxury lodges and apartments. For families, spacious lodges or mobile homes with multiple bedrooms and kitchen facilities are often the most convenient and cost-effective.

How do you even get there?

Abruzzo is accessible by air, with the nearest airport being Abruzzo Airport in Pescara. From there, you can hire a car or take public transport to your holiday park. Some parks may offer shuttle services, so it's worth checking in advance.

Is visiting Abruzzo at peak times a nightmare?

Like any popular destination, Abruzzo can get busy during peak summer months. However, the region is well-equipped to handle tourists, and many holiday parks are designed to avoid feeling overcrowded. Booking activities and restaurants in advance can help avoid disappointment.

I like it! How do I book?

Booking is typically done directly through the holiday park's website or through reputable travel agencies. Early booking is recommended, especially for stays during school holidays or summer months, to secure your preferred accommodation type.

What if we have to cancel?

Most holiday parks offer cancellation policies, but these can vary. It's crucial to read the terms and conditions before booking. Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers cancellation for added peace of mind.

What amenities and facilities will be on-site?

Abruzzo's holiday parks often feature swimming pools, restaurants, children's play areas, and sports facilities. Some may also offer unique amenities like private beaches, water parks, or nature trails.

Is it all-inclusive?

While some holiday parks offer all-inclusive options, most operate on a self-catering basis, giving families the flexibility to cook their meals or dine out. On-site restaurants and grocery stores are typically available.

What dining options will be available?

From traditional Italian pizzerias to international cuisine, dining options within holiday parks cater to a range of tastes. Many parks also have on-site supermarkets for those who prefer to cook.

Can you leave the park and explore Abruzzo?

Absolutely! Exploring the surrounding region of Abruzzo is highly recommended. From the stunning beaches of the Adriatic coast to the majestic Apennine mountains, there's plenty to see. Don't miss the ancient hilltop towns and local vineyards.

What do I need to pack?

Pack according to the season, but always be prepared for outdoor activities. Comfortable walking shoes, swimwear, sunscreen, and a hat are essentials. Also, consider bringing some basic cooking supplies if you plan to self-cater.

Is it different to a package holiday?

Yes, holiday parks offer more flexibility and space than traditional package holidays. They're ideal for families looking for a mix of relaxation and activities, with the freedom to plan their days as they wish.

Can you drive there?

Driving to Abruzzo is a feasible option for many European travellers, offering the freedom to explore the region at your own pace. Ferry services are available for those coming from the UK or other non-bordering countries.

How does check-in and check-out work?

Check-in procedures are similar to hotels but may have specific time windows. You'll typically be given a map of the park and directions to your accommodation. Check-out usually involves leaving the keys in a designated area or at the reception.

Are there any sneaky hidden costs?

Be aware of potential additional charges for activities, equipment hire, or facilities like swimming pools. Always check what's included in your booking and ask about any extra costs upfront.

How accessible is it for guests with disabilities?

Many holiday parks in Abruzzo are equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities, offering accessible accommodation and facilities. It's best to discuss your specific needs with the park before booking.

Is Wi-Fi available, and is it free?

Wi-Fi is commonly available in holiday parks, often free in public areas. Some parks may charge for in-accommodation Wi-Fi or offer premium services for faster speeds.

Can you take a baby to a holiday park?

Holiday parks are ideal for babies and young children, offering family-friendly accommodation and facilities. Many provide cots and high chairs upon request.

What if someone needs a doctor when we're there?

Holiday parks usually have first aid facilities and can assist in contacting local medical services if needed. It's also a good idea to know the location of the nearest hospital or pharmacy.

What are the best parks for nature lovers?

Camping Village Santo Stefano near Casalbordino is perfect for those who love the outdoors, offering direct access to a natural reserve and plenty of hiking trails.

Are there any historical sites nearby?

Abruzzo is rich in history. The Fortress of Civitella del Tronto and the ancient Roman ruins in Alba Fucens are must-visits for history enthusiasts.

What local delicacies should we try?

Don't leave without trying Arrosticini, skewered lamb meat, a local favourite. Also, explore the region's excellent wines, particularly Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.