Holiday Parks in Gers

Le Camp De Florence, France, Gers

Le Camp De Florence

Family-friendly Kaatsheuvel offers pools, waterslides, kids' clubs, and evening entertainment. Comfortable accommodations and a prime location make it perfect for a memorable holiday.

Ultimate 2024 Family Guide to Holiday Parks in Gers

UPDATED July 2024:

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Gers, in the heart of Gascony, France, is a fantastic destination for a family holiday, offering a blend of warm weather, rich culture, and mouth-watering cuisine. Think succulent duck dishes and Armagnac brandy. With its sunny climate, it's perfect for outdoor activities. For the kids? Water parks, medieval castles, and interactive museums. Flight time from the UK is roughly 2 hours, making it an accessible escape. A European holiday park in Gers means space and freedom for families, amidst stunning scenery. Fun fact: Gers is the least densely populated department in France, offering unrivalled tranquillity.

Discover Gers Holiday Parks

European holiday parks are essentially self-contained resorts offering a variety of accommodations from mobile homes to chalets and camping spots. Expect amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and entertainment programs. They're designed for convenience, offering a blend of outdoor adventure and home comforts. Choosing a holiday park over traditional UK hotels or package holidays means more space and freedom for families. The self-catering option allows for flexibility with meals, and the range of on-site facilities keeps everyone entertained. Beach access, waterslides, and on-site restaurants & bars enhance the experience, and many parks welcome pets, making them a great all-round family choice.

Why Take Your 2024 Family Holiday Park Break in Gers?

Gers, in the heart of Gascony, is famed for its rolling hills, fortified villages, and Armagnac production. It's a slice of authentic French countryside with a vibrant history, from Roman times to the Musketeers. A family break here is surprisingly affordable, with prices averaging around £500-£700 per week. The region hosts unique festivals like the Bandas Festival in Condom, celebrating local music and culture. Gers offers a distinctive, tranquil setting compared to the bustling tourist spots found elsewhere in Europe, making it a perfect family getaway.

What's in it for the kids?

  1. Waterslides and Pools - Hours of fun in the water for all age groups.
  2. On-site Entertainment - From shows to mini-discos, there's always something happening.
  3. Bike Hire - Exploring the park and surrounding areas on two wheels.
  4. Watersports - Kayaking, paddleboarding, and more for adventurous spirits.
  5. Playgrounds and Sports Courts - A place to make new friends and burn off energy.
  6. Kids Clubs - Organised activities and a chance for some adult time.

Staying safe in the sun and in the pools

Most holiday parks offer kids clubs, providing both fun and educational activities in shaded or indoor areas for those sensitive to the sun. Safety is a priority, with lifeguards at pools and clear safety information provided to all guests.

Pet Friendly Gers Adventures

Taking your pet on a European holiday requires some planning. Ensure your pet's microchip, rabies vaccination, and pet passport are up to date. Gers is welcoming to pets, with several holiday parks and accommodations offering pet-friendly options. Restaurants like La Table d'Oste in Auch and Le Florida in Castéra-Verduzan welcome pets.
  1. Check pet travel requirements early.
  2. Choose a pet-friendly holiday park.
  3. Plan for pet-friendly dining and activities.
  4. Bring familiar items to make your pet comfortable.
  5. Ensure your pet is comfortable with travel.

Dog walking routes in Gers

Route Distance (miles) Scenery Postcode
Larressingle Walk 2.5 Medieval village 32100
Auch Riverside 3 River views 32000
Foret de Montech 4 Woodland 82700
Valence-sur-Baïse Loop 5 Historic abbey 32310
Gondrin Vineyard Trails 3.5 Vineyards 32330

Dining at the park, or heading out

Holiday parks often boast on-site restaurants, offering convenience and a taste of local cuisine. Gers is renowned for dishes like Confit de Canard and Foie Gras. For a family-friendly option, La Ferme de Flaran in Valence-sur-Baïse offers local dishes in a relaxed setting. Couples might enjoy Le Daroles in Auch, known for its refined atmosphere and gourmet cuisine.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Gers is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Base de Loisirs de Castéra-Verduzan offers watersports, with pedal boats and swimming areas, starting from £10 per activity. It's open from April to September, providing a fun day out for the whole family.

Handy packing list

Item Details
Travel Documents Passports, booking confirmations, pet paperwork
Health & Safety First-aid kit, sun protection, medications
Clothing Weather-appropriate attire, swimwear, comfortable shoes
Entertainment Books, games, travel toys for kids
Food & Drink Snacks for the journey, reusable water bottles
Pet Supplies Food, leash, bed, toys
This checklist ensures you're well-prepared for a fantastic family holiday in Gers, covering all essentials from travel documents to entertainment for the journey.

Top Europe Parks for 2024 in Gers

Le Camp De Florence

  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Toulouse (TLS) (112km), Bergerac (EGC) (118km)
  • Address: Au Camp, 32480 La Romieu, France
Le Camp De Florence About this park: Le Camp De Florence is a picturesque holiday park in Gers, France, offering a blend of rural charm and modern amenities. Easily accessible from Toulouse and Bergerac airports, it's a perfect getaway for families. Pools - The park boasts a heated pool with a slide for endless fun and a lagoon-style pool with a splash zone, ideal for toddlers. Activities and aqua gym sessions are available, ensuring enjoyment for all ages. For the kids - Children are spoilt for choice with playgrounds, bike hire, tennis, table tennis, football, volleyball, a children's disco, and animation team activities. There's something to keep every child entertained. What's on-site? Adults can enjoy the on-site restaurant, relax by the pool, or participate in evening entertainment. With free WiFi, laundry facilities, and a pet-friendly policy, it caters well to all family members. What's nearby? Explore La Romieu (0.5 miles), Condom (8 miles), Agen (20 miles), Pavie's adventure park (31 miles), and Toulouse (70 miles). These attractions offer a mix of history, culture, and adventure, all within easy driving distance. Accommodation options: Accommodation ranges from simple to stylish, suitable for couples, groups, and families. The park is pet-friendly, ensuring your four-legged family members can join the holiday too.


What exactly is a European holiday park?

A European holiday park is a self-contained resort offering a variety of accommodation options, amenities, and activities designed for families. These parks often include swimming pools, playgrounds, entertainment programmes, and sometimes even water parks or adventure sports facilities. They're a fantastic way to experience a region like Gers, with the comfort and convenience of having everything you need right on your doorstep.

How do I pick the right one for my family?

Consider what's most important to your family. If you have young children, look for parks with toddler-friendly facilities. For older kids or teens, parks offering adventure activities or water sports might be more appealing. Check the location to ensure it's close to attractions or natural sites you want to explore in Gers. Reading reviews from other families can also provide valuable insights.

What types of accommodation are there?

Accommodation in European holiday parks can range from tents and mobile homes to chalets and cottages. Many parks in Gers offer a rustic charm with modern conveniences, ensuring a comfortable stay for your family. Some might even offer unique options like treehouses or eco-lodges for a memorable experience.

How do you even get there?

Gers is accessible by car, train, or plane. The nearest major airport is in Toulouse, from where you can rent a car or take a train to your destination. If you're driving from the UK, it's a scenic journey through France that allows you to explore at your own pace. Detailed directions are usually provided by the holiday park upon booking.

Is visiting Gers at peak times a nightmare?

While Gers is popular in the summer, many holiday parks are designed to accommodate families comfortably even during peak times. Booking in advance is key to ensuring availability. Consider visiting in the shoulder season (late spring or early autumn) for a quieter experience with milder weather.

I like it! How do I book?

Booking is typically done directly through the holiday park's website or a reputable travel agency specialising in family holidays. It's advisable to book well in advance, especially for stays during school holidays or peak season, to secure your preferred accommodation type.

What if we have to cancel?

Most holiday parks offer flexible cancellation policies, but these can vary. Check the terms and conditions at the time of booking. In many cases, you can cancel or modify your booking up to a certain point before your stay without a significant penalty.

What amenities and facilities will be on-site?

Expect a range of facilities designed for family fun and convenience, including swimming pools, sports courts, kids' clubs, and sometimes even spa services for the adults. Many parks in Gers also offer bicycle rental to explore the surrounding countryside.

Is it all-inclusive?

Most European holiday parks are not all-inclusive, but you'll find a variety of dining options and convenience stores on-site. This setup gives families the flexibility to cook their own meals, dine at the park's restaurants, or explore local eateries in Gers.

What dining options will be available?

From casual cafes and snack bars to full-service restaurants, holiday parks cater to a range of tastes and budgets. In Gers, you'll also find that many parks highlight local cuisine, offering a taste of the region's culinary delights.

Can you leave the park and explore Gers?

Absolutely! One of the joys of staying in a holiday park in Gers is the opportunity to explore the region's rolling hills, picturesque villages, and historic sites. Many parks offer organised tours or can provide recommendations for self-guided adventures.

What do I need to pack?

Alongside your usual holiday attire, consider packing comfortable walking shoes for exploring, swimwear for the pools, and perhaps a jumper for cooler evenings. It's also a good idea to bring some basic cooking supplies if you plan to self-cater.

Is it different to a package holiday?

Yes, staying in a holiday park offers more flexibility and a homely feel compared to a traditional package holiday. You'll have the freedom to plan your days as you wish, with the added benefit of on-site facilities and activities.

Can you drive there?

Driving to Gers from the UK is a popular option for families, offering the freedom to explore at your own pace and bring along more luggage. The journey through France is scenic and well-signposted, making it an adventure in itself.

How does check-in and check-out work?

Check-in procedures are straightforward, with reception staff on hand to welcome you and provide all the information you'll need for your stay. Check-out usually involves a quick inspection of your accommodation and returning any keys or passes.

Are there any sneaky hidden costs?

While holiday parks are upfront about costs, it's wise to check for additional charges such as activity fees, equipment rental, or premium Wi-Fi. Asking about these in advance can help you budget more accurately.

How accessible is it for guests with disabilities?

Many holiday parks in Gers are equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities, offering accessible accommodation and facilities. It's best to discuss your specific needs with the park in advance to ensure they can provide for a comfortable stay.

Is Wi-Fi available, and is it free?

Wi-Fi is typically available in public areas and sometimes within the accommodation itself. While many parks offer free Wi-Fi, premium options for faster speeds may incur a charge.

Can you take a baby to a holiday park?

Holiday parks are ideal for families with babies, offering a safe and welcoming environment. Many provide baby-friendly amenities such as cots and high chairs upon request.

What if someone needs a doctor when we're there?

Staff at the holiday park can assist in contacting local medical services if required. It's also advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses for peace of mind.

What local attractions should we not miss in Gers?

Don't miss the historic city of Auch with its stunning cathedral, the picturesque village of Larressingle, and the Armagnac distilleries offering tastings of the region's famous brandy. Each offers a unique glimpse into the culture and history of Gers.

Are there any family-friendly wine tours in Gers?

Yes, several wineries in Gers offer family-friendly tours, combining educational experiences about winemaking with tastings (for adults) and activities for children. It's a great way to enjoy the region's scenic vineyards while learning about its wine heritage.

What's the best time of year to visit Gers for families?

The late spring to early autumn period (May to September) is ideal, offering warm weather and a full schedule of festivals and events. This time of year provides a perfect balance of pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making it ideal for family adventures in the great outdoors.