Aqua Viva
Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm of Aqua Viva, a serene holiday park in France's picturesque Dordogne region. Enjoy lush woodlands, a private lake, comfortable accommodation, and activities like petanque, swimming, horse riding, and canoeing. The outdoor pool is a family favourite.

Chateau De Fonrives
Chateau De Fonrives is a charming holiday park in the Dordogne countryside, featuring a 16th-century château, modern amenities, and a range of accommodation. With an aquatic centre, spa, kids' clubs, and evening entertainment, it offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Chateau Du Gibanel
Château Du Gibanel is a unique holiday park in the heart of Dordogne, offering historical elegance, modern leisure facilities, and a shimmering lake. Enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and a heated pool, all within a cosy, intimate setting.

Discover the tranquillity of Parc Coucou, nestled in France's Dordogne region. Enjoy a range of activities from kayaking to football, and unwind in the cosy on-site bar. With a charming woodland setting and enchanting Château views, it's the perfect escape.

Le Carbonnier
Le Carbonnier, nestled in Dordogne's wild woods, offers a blend of adventure and relaxation with indoor and outdoor pools, waterslides, and a mini lake. Accommodation ranges from comfortable to luxurious, with diverse dining options and activities.

Le Mas
Le Mas de Sireuil, nestled in Dordogne's countryside, offers a blend of tranquillity and adventure. Enjoy waterslides, a main pool, paddling pool, sports, creative workshops, and local cuisine in an idyllic setting.

Le Paradis
Discover Le Paradis, a top-quality holiday park in Dordogne's rustic charm. Enjoy the blend of natural beauty and leisure facilities, including two pool complexes, waterslides, and a covered pool with a Jacuzzi. Engage in activities like canoeing, cycling, and evening entertainment.

Le Val D Ussel
Le Val D Ussel, nestled in Périgord countryside, offers a blend of nature and leisure. Enjoy cosy accommodation, an aquatic centre with pools and waterslides, site-run kids' clubs, dining options, evening shows, and close proximity to historic Sarlat and Dordogne's treasures.

Pomport Beach Campsite
Unwind at the serene Pomport Beach Campsite, nestled in Dordogne's vineyards. Enjoy direct access to a sandy lake beach, private lake, lagoon water park, covered and children's pools. Engage in numerous activities and relish the intimate atmosphere.

St. Avit Loisirs
Discover the charm of St. Avit Loisirs, a premier parc in Dordogne's French countryside. Enjoy a range of accommodations, an aquatic paradise with four pool complexes, and activities like tennis and quad biking. Experience unforgettable family memories amidst rustic architecture and cultural gems.

Ultimate 2024 Family Guide to Holiday Parks in Dordogne

Dordogne, a gem in southwest France, is a hit with families seeking a blend of adventure and culture. With its mild climate, summers are perfect for exploring. The region's rich history is mirrored in its vibrant food scene - think truffles and foie gras! For the kids, there's canoeing on the Dordogne River and exploring prehistoric caves. Over 200,000 Brits soak up this charm annually. Flight time from the UK? Just about 1.5 hours. Booking a holiday park here means unrivalled access to nature and activities, making family bonding effortless. Did you know? Dordogne has over 1000 castles!

You'll Love Dordogne's Holiday Parks

European holiday parks are essentially self-contained resorts offering a variety of accommodations from mobile homes to chalets and tents, all within a community-like setting. Expect amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds, and entertainment venues. They're a step up from traditional camping, providing comfort while keeping the outdoor, adventurous spirit alive. Choosing a holiday park over a UK hotel or package holiday offers families flexibility and a wealth of onsite amenities. With options for beach access, waterslides for the kids, and restaurants & bars for the adults, there’s something for everyone. Plus, many parks welcome pets, making them a great choice for the entire family.

Why Take Your 2024 Family Holiday Park Break in Dordogne?

Dordogne, with its rolling hills, historic castles, and prehistoric caves, offers a unique blend of adventure and culture. It's not just about the scenic beauty; the region's rich history, from the Hundred Years' War to the Renaissance, adds layers of intrigue to your visit. Family breaks in Dordogne holiday parks are reasonably priced, offering great value. The area is known for its festivals, including the Fest'Oie in Sarlat, celebrating the region's gastronomy. What sets Dordogne apart is its blend of natural beauty, history, and the warmth of its villages and people, making it an unmatched European holiday destination.

What's in it for the kids?

  1. Waterslides and swimming pools for endless water fun.
  2. Onsite entertainment, from shows to mini-discos, keeping them engaged.
  3. Bike hire facilities, allowing families to explore together.
  4. Watersports and outdoor adventures for the thrill-seekers.
  5. Playgrounds and sports courts for making new friends.
  6. Kids clubs and activities tailored to various age groups.

Staying safe in the sun and in the pools

Many holiday parks offer kids clubs, providing shaded activities for those sensitive to the sun. Safety is a priority, with lifeguards at pools ensuring everyone enjoys their time worry-free.

Pet Friendly Dordogne Adventures

Taking your pet on holiday to Europe is straightforward with the right preparation. Ensure your pet's microchip, rabies vaccination, and pet passport are up to date. Dordogne is welcoming to pets, with several holiday parks offering pet-friendly accommodations. Restaurants like Le Gabarier and pubs such as L'Envers in Dordogne welcome pets.

Pet quick checklist

  1. Check pet documentation is current.
  2. Choose a pet-friendly holiday park.
  3. Research local pet-friendly dining options.
  4. Plan for pet-friendly activities.
  5. Ensure your pet is comfortable with travel.

Dog walking routes in Dordogne

Route Distance (miles) Scenery Postcode
La Roque-Gageac 2.5 River views 24250
Domme Royal Bastide 3 Medieval town 24250
Castelnaud-la-Chapelle 4 Castle views 24250
Sarlat-la-Canéda 2 Historic city 24200
Les Eyzies 3.5 Prehistoric sites 24620

Dining at the park, or heading out

Holiday parks often feature on-site restaurants, offering convenience and a taste of local cuisine. Dordogne is famous for its duck dishes and truffles. For a family-friendly dining experience, try Le Petit Paris in Daglan. Couples looking for a romantic evening should visit La Belle Etoile in La Roque-Gageac.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Dordogne is home to numerous outdoor activity centres like Canoës Loisirs, offering canoeing and kayaking on the Dordogne River. Prices vary, but a family canoe trip can start from around €20 per person. Seasonal opening times generally run from April to October, capturing the best of the weather.

Handy packing list

Item Details
Travel Documents Passports, booking confirmations, insurance
Health Essentials Sunscreen, insect repellent, first aid kit
Outdoor Gear Swimwear, hats, comfortable walking shoes
Entertainment Books, games, travel journals for kids
Pet Supplies Food, leash, pet passport
This list ensures you’re well-prepared for a fantastic family holiday in Dordogne, covering all bases from travel documents to keeping the kids entertained.

Top Europe Parks for 2024 in Dordogne

Le Paradis

  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Bergerac (EGC) (75km), Limoges (LIG) (150km)
  • Address: La Rebeyrolle, 24290 St Léon sur Vézère, France
Le Paradis Park About this park: Le Paradis is a serene escape in the Dordogne, offering a blend of natural beauty and leisure facilities, including two pool complexes and canoeing on the River Vézère. Pools - The park boasts two pool complexes with waterslides and a covered pool, perfect for all weather swimming and fun. For the kids - Children can enjoy a variety of activities including canoeing, cycling, and evening entertainment like discos and sports events. What's on-site? On-site, there's a popular bar and restaurant, alongside a range of activities for adults including tennis and cycling. The evening entertainment ensures fun for all ages. What's nearby? Nearby attractions include the Lascaux Caves (13km) and Maison Forte de Reignac (10 minutes). For a day out, Jacquou parc offers rollercoasters and waterslides. Accommodation options: Accommodation ranges from classic tents to premium mobile homes, catering to couples, groups, and families. Pets are allowed.

St. Avit Loisirs

  • Booking Agent: Keycamp
  • Nearest Airports: Bergerac (EGC) (36km), Brive (BVE) (72km), Limoges (LIG) (129km)
  • Address: Saint-Avit-de-Vialard, 24260 Le Bugue, Dordogne, France
St. Avit Loisirs Park About this park: St. Avit Loisirs is a premier parc in the Dordogne, offering an indoor tropical pool, lazy river, and a children's play pool, alongside tennis and quad biking. Pools - The park features four pool complexes, including an indoor tropical pool and a lazy river, catering to all ages and swimming preferences. For the kids - Kids will love the playground, trampolining, and kids' clubs, ensuring entertainment and fun activities throughout their stay. What's on-site? The park offers a restaurant and bar terrace for evening relaxation, alongside a minimarket for convenience. What's nearby? Explore La Roque-Gageac (38km) and the medieval town of Sarlat (40km). Prehistoparc offers educational trails on Neanderthal life. Accommodation options: From classic tents to luxurious lodges, the park caters to families, couples, and groups. Pets are allowed in selected accommodations.

Pomport Beach Campsite

  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Bergerac (EGC) (14 km), Bordeaux (BOD) (105 km), Brive (BVE) (147 km)
  • Address: 1736 Route du Lac, 24240 Pomport, France
Pomport Beach Campsite About this park: Pomport Beach Campsite offers a tranquil retreat in the Dordogne's vineyard country, with direct access to a sandy lake beach and a private lake for swimming and fishing. Pools - The lagoon water park with slides and a covered pool provides endless fun, alongside a children's pool for the little ones. For the kids - Site-run kids' clubs and a variety of sports facilities ensure entertainment for children of all ages. What's on-site? A bar and takeaway service cater to evening dining, with a supermarket nearby for self-catering needs. What's nearby? Visit Château de Monbazillac (5 miles) for wine tasting, or explore the historic town of Bergerac (8.7 miles) for a dining experience. Accommodation options: The parc offers a range of accommodation from simple to stylish, suitable for families, couples, and groups. Pets are allowed.

Aqua Viva

  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Bergerac-Dordogne-Périgord (EGC) (79.4 km)
  • Address: Route de Souillac, 24200 Carsac-Aillac, France
Aqua Viva Park About this park: Aqua Viva offers a peaceful getaway in the Dordogne, with activities like petanque, outdoor swimming, and nearby horse riding and canoeing. Pools - The park features an outdoor heated pool and a paddling pool, ensuring water fun for all family members. For the kids - Kids' clubs cater to children aged 4-10, offering a range of activities in a fun and safe environment. What's on-site? Enjoy dining at the snack bar and unwind by the pool or explore the local area for a memorable holiday experience. What's nearby? Visit Sarlat-la-Canéda (8.1 miles) for its medieval charm, or explore historic castles like Beynac Castle for a glimpse into the past. Accommodation options: Aqua Viva offers a range of traditional to stylish accommodations, suitable for families, couples, and groups. Pets are welcome.


What exactly is a European holiday park?

A European holiday park, particularly in regions like the Dordogne, is a self-contained resort offering a variety of accommodation options, amenities, and activities tailored to families. These parks are designed to provide everything you need for a memorable holiday, from swimming pools and playgrounds to restaurants and entertainment, all within a secure environment.

How do I pick the right one for my family?

Consider what's most important for your family's holiday experience. Do you prefer a quiet, nature-focused park like Le Val d'Ussel for its proximity to prehistoric sites, or something with a bit more buzz and activities such as Les Péneyrals which offers extensive entertainment programs? Look at the facilities, accommodation types, and the proximity to attractions in the Dordogne region to ensure it matches your family's interests and needs.

What types of accommodation are there?

Accommodation in Dordogne holiday parks ranges from traditional mobile homes and chalets to luxurious lodges and tents. Some parks, like Domaine de Soleil Plage, offer riverside pitches for those bringing their own caravan or tent, providing a more authentic camping experience with the comfort of modern facilities.

How do you even get there?

Travelling to the Dordogne is straightforward. You can fly into Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport from several UK airports, rent a car, and drive to your holiday park. Alternatively, for those preferring to drive from the UK, taking a ferry to Calais and then driving through France offers a scenic route and the flexibility of having your own vehicle during your stay.

Is visiting Dordogne at peak times a nightmare?

While the Dordogne is popular in the summer months, many holiday parks are designed to handle the influx of visitors without feeling overcrowded. Booking activities and dining options in advance can help. Visiting attractions early in the morning or later in the afternoon also helps avoid the busiest times.

I like it! How do I book?

Booking is typically done directly through the holiday park's website or through a reputable travel agency specialising in family holidays. It's advisable to book well in advance, especially for peak season stays, to secure your preferred accommodation and dates.

What if we have to cancel?

Most holiday parks in the Dordogne offer flexible cancellation policies, especially when booked in advance. However, it's crucial to read the terms and conditions before booking. Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers cancellation for added peace of mind.

What amenities and facilities will be on-site?

Holiday parks in the Dordogne boast a wide range of facilities, including swimming pools, water parks, sports courts, kids' clubs, and entertainment venues. Parks like Parc Le Duc offer unique amenities such as fishing lakes and horse riding, catering to all interests.

Is it all-inclusive?

While most holiday parks in the Dordogne are not all-inclusive, they offer a range of dining options from self-catering facilities in accommodations to on-site restaurants and takeaways. Some parks may offer meal plans or dining packages for added convenience.

What dining options will be available?

From traditional French cuisine at park restaurants to convenient takeaways, there's a variety of dining options available. Many parks also have grocery stores, allowing guests to cook in their accommodation. Local markets in nearby towns are a great place to source fresh, local ingredients.

Can you leave the park and explore Dordogne?

Absolutely! Exploring the Dordogne's stunning countryside, historic castles, and charming villages is highly recommended. Many parks are conveniently located to serve as a base for day trips to places like Sarlat or the prehistoric Lascaux Caves.

What do I need to pack?

Alongside your usual holiday attire, pack comfortable walking shoes for exploring, swimwear for the pools, and perhaps a warmer layer for cooler evenings. Don't forget sunscreen and a hat for protection against the sun. It's also a good idea to bring some basic cooking supplies if you plan to self-cater.

Is it different to a package holiday?

Yes, holiday parks offer more flexibility and a sense of independence compared to traditional package holidays. You have the freedom to plan your days, meals, and activities, making it a more personalised holiday experience.

Can you drive there?

Driving to the Dordogne from the UK is a popular option for many families, offering the freedom to explore the region at your own pace. The journey from Calais can take around 8-10 hours, so consider breaking up the drive with stops along the way.

How does check-in and check-out work?

Check-in procedures are straightforward, with reception staff on hand to welcome you and provide key information about your stay. Check-out is usually by mid-morning on your departure day, with facilities available to store luggage if you wish to enjoy the park a little longer.

Are there any sneaky hidden costs?

While holiday parks are upfront about costs, it's important to check if there are additional charges for activities, equipment hire, or amenities like Wi-Fi. Always read the fine print or ask directly to avoid surprises.

How accessible is it for guests with disabilities?

Many holiday parks in the Dordogne are equipped to welcome guests with disabilities, offering accessible accommodation and facilities. It's advisable to discuss specific needs with the park in advance to ensure they can accommodate you comfortably.

Is Wi-Fi available, and is it free?

Wi-Fi is available in most holiday parks, often free in public areas. Some parks may charge for Wi-Fi access in accommodations or offer premium services for higher speeds. Check with your chosen park for their specific Wi-Fi policy.

Can you take a baby to a holiday park?

Holiday parks are ideal for families with babies, offering baby-friendly accommodations and facilities like high chairs and cots. Many also have baby changing and feeding areas, making them a convenient option for young families.

What if someone needs a doctor when we're there?

Holiday parks have procedures in place for medical emergencies, including on-call doctors or directions to the nearest medical facility. It's also a good idea to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

What are the best parks for historical attractions?

Le Moulin de Paulhiac is a fantastic choice for history enthusiasts, located near medieval towns and castles. The park itself combines modern amenities with a historical setting, offering a unique holiday experience.

Are there any eco-friendly holiday parks in Dordogne?

La Linotte is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, offering eco-friendly accommodations and promoting green practices among guests. It's perfect for families looking to minimise their environmental impact while enjoying the beauty of the Dordogne.

What activities are available for adventurous families?

For families seeking adventure, Les Grottes de Roffy offers activities like canoeing on the Dordogne River, hiking, and cycling. The park's location makes it an ideal base for exploring the region's natural beauty and outdoor activities.