Criques de Porteils
Unwind at Criques de Porteils, a tranquil holiday park nestled between mountains and sea in Roussillon, France. Enjoy breathtaking views, private beach, varied accommodation, pool complex with waterslides, scuba diving, mini vineyard tours, and dining overlooking Argelès Bay.

Ultimate 2024 Family Guide to Holiday Parks in Roussillon

Roussillon, a vibrant gem in the South of France, boasts warm Mediterranean weather, making it a perfect family getaway. The region is a cultural hotpot with its colourful markets and traditional festivals. Every year, around 30,000 British tourists visited Roussillon, drawn by its stunning landscapes and the promise of adventure! From exploring the ochre cliffs to tasting the local cuisine, there's plenty to keep both kids and adults entertained. Flight time from the UK is roughly 2 hours. An interesting fact? Roussillon is famous for its unique red and orange soils. Booking a holiday park here means embracing outdoor living and the chance to immerse your family in the local culture and natural beauty, all while enjoying home comforts.

Discover Roussillon Holiday Parks

European holiday parks are essentially self-contained resorts offering a variety of accommodations from mobile homes to bungalows and tents, all designed to cater to families and groups. Expect amenities like swimming pools, sports facilities, entertainment programs, and sometimes even water parks. They're a blend of outdoor adventure and home comforts. Choosing a holiday park over traditional UK hotels offers more space and freedom, particularly for families. The self-catering option allows for flexibility with meals, and the range of on-site activities keeps everyone entertained. The inclusive nature of holiday parks, with beach access, waterslides, and on-site restaurants and bars, adds value. Plus, many parks welcome pets, making them ideal for the whole family.

Why Take Your 2024 Family Holiday Park Break in Roussillon?

Roussillon, with its vibrant colours and historic charm, offers a unique backdrop for a family holiday. Known for its stunning landscapes from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean, it's a region steeped in culture and history, without the boredom factor.

Price guide

  • Camping pitches: £20-£50 per night, depending on the size, season, and amenities offered by the park.
  • Mobile homes: £40-£150 per night, depending on the size, season, and amenities offered by the park and mobile home.
  • Lodges: £50-£200 per night, offering more space and privacy, ideal for larger families or longer stays.
Roussillon hosts various festivals, including the vibrant Fête de Saint-Jean, celebrating the summer solstice with fireworks and bonfires. Its uniqueness lies in its Catalan culture, offering a different experience compared to other parts of Europe.

What's in it for the kids?

  1. Endless waterslides and swimming pools for splashing around.
  2. On-site entertainment, from shows to mini-discos.
  3. Freedom to explore safely within the park's confines.
  4. Opportunities for new friendships with other visiting kids.
  5. Bike hire and watersports for outdoor adventures.
  6. Special clubs and activities tailored to various age groups, ensuring fun for everyone.

Staying safe un the sun and in the pools

Most holiday parks offer kids' clubs, providing both fun and a break from the sun. These parks are designed with safety in mind, including lifeguard-supervised pools. It's a secure environment where children can enjoy themselves while parents relax.

Pet Friendly Roussillon Adventures

Taking your pet on a European holiday to Roussillon isn't as daunting as it sounds. Essential paperwork includes a pet passport and ensuring your pet's vaccinations are up to date. Roussillon boasts several pet-friendly holiday parks, welcoming your four-legged family members. Restaurants like Le Céleste and pubs such as L'Amuse Gueule in the area also welcome pets.
  1. Check pet passport and vaccination requirements.
  2. Choose a pet-friendly holiday park.
  3. Research local pet-friendly dining options.
  4. Pack essentials for your pet, including food, toys, and a bed.
  5. Know the nearest vet clinic in Roussillon for emergencies.

Dog walking routes in Roussillon

Route Distance (miles) Scenery Postcode
Collioure Coastal Path 2.5 Sea views 66190
Perpignan Park Loop 1.8 Urban green space 66000
Le Tech River Walk 3.2 River and woodland 66230
Argelès-sur-Mer Beach 4.0 Beachfront 66700
Banyuls Vineyard Trails 5+ Vineyards and hills 66650

Dining at the park, or heading out

Holiday parks often feature on-site restaurants, offering convenience and a range of dining options. In Roussillon, the local cuisine includes Catalan influences with dishes like "Boles de Picolat". For a family-friendly dining experience, La Bartavelle in Argelès-sur-Mer comes highly recommended. Couples might enjoy a more intimate setting at L'Horizon in Collioure, known for its seafood and stunning views.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Roussillon is a haven for outdoor activities, with centres like Aventura Park offering zip-lining and tree-top adventures. Watersports are popular, with options for kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing along the coast. Prices vary, but a family can expect to spend around €50-€100 for a day's activities. Most centres are open from April to October, making summer the perfect time to visit.

Handy packing list

Item Details
Travel Documents Passports, booking confirmations, insurance
Health Essentials Sunscreen, first aid kit, medications
Beach and Pool Gear Swimwear, towels, floaties for kids
Outdoor Adventure Kit Comfortable shoes, hats, water bottles
Pet Supplies Food, leash, pet passport
Entertainment Books, games, tablets with downloaded content
This checklist ensures you're well-prepared for a memorable family holiday in a European park, covering all bases from travel essentials to entertainment.

Top Europe Parks for 2024 in Roussillon

Criques de Porteils

  • Booking Agent: Eurocamp
  • Nearest Airports: Perpignan (PGF) (36.2km, Approx. 40 mins), Gerona (GRO) (104km, Approx. 1 hr 15 mins), Beziers (BZR) (122km, Approx. 1 hr 20 mins), Carcassonne (CCF) (150km, Approx. 1 hr 40 mins)
  • Address: RD 114 Route de Collioure, 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer, France
Criques de Porteils About this park: Criques de Porteils is a terraced Castels parc set between mountains and sea, offering direct access to pebble beaches and premium pitches with spectacular views. It's a short drive from Argelès Plage and a stroll from Collioure, making it perfect for families and couples. Pools - The park boasts a small but modern pool complex, complete with family-friendly pools, waterslides, and sun loungers for endless fun under the sun. For the kids - Children will love the site-run Kids' Clubs, playground areas, and a range of activities including tennis, table tennis, football, basketball, trampolining, and crazy golf. The waterslides are a particular highlight. What's on-site? On-site, you'll find a restaurant and takeaway, a stylish bar (open July to August), and a mini vineyard. Adults can enjoy scenic walks, vineyard tours, and dining with views over Argelès Bay. It's a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for all ages. What's nearby? Nearby attractions include the historic village of Collioure (2 miles), Aqualand St Cyprien (7.8 miles), Canyoning Park (8.7 miles), Argelès-sur-Mer (3.1 miles), and Perpignan (14.9 miles). Each offers unique experiences from cultural sites to thrilling water parks. Accommodation options: Accommodation ranges from comfortable to luxurious, suitable for couples, groups, and families. Selected accommodations are pet-friendly, ensuring a welcoming stay for all, complete with modern amenities and covered decking.


What exactly is a European holiday park?

A European holiday park is a self-contained resort offering a variety of accommodations, amenities, and activities tailored to families. These parks often include swimming pools, sports facilities, entertainment programmes, and sometimes even water parks or adventure courses. They're designed to provide everything you might need in one location, making them an ideal choice for family holidays.

How do I pick the right one for my family?

Consider what's important for your family's holiday. Do you need a kids' club, a specific type of accommodation, or perhaps proximity to the beach? Roussillon, with its diverse landscapes and attractions, offers parks like La Sirène or Le Bois de Valmarie, which cater to different preferences, whether you're after lush greenery or beachfront views. Reading reviews and looking at the park's facilities and nearby attractions can also help narrow down your options.

What types of accommodation are there?

Accommodation in European holiday parks can range from tents and mobile homes to luxury lodges and apartments. In Roussillon, you'll find options like the stylish bungalows at Les Dunes, which offer modern comforts amidst nature. Many accommodations are equipped with kitchens, allowing for self-catering, which is great for families.

How do you even get there?

Roussillon is accessible by plane, with the nearest airport being Perpignan-Rivesaltes. From there, you can rent a car or take a bus to reach your holiday park. If you're coming from the UK, driving is also a viable option, with many families choosing to take the ferry to France and then driving down. It's a bit of a journey, but the scenic routes through France can make it an enjoyable part of the holiday.

Is visiting Roussillon at peak times a nightmare?

Like any popular destination, Roussillon can get busy during peak summer months. However, many holiday parks are designed to accommodate a large number of guests without feeling overcrowded, thanks to spacious layouts and ample facilities. Booking activities and dining options in advance can help avoid disappointment. Visiting just before or after the peak season can also offer a more relaxed experience with fewer crowds.

I like it! How do I book?

Booking is usually straightforward. Most holiday parks in Roussillon have websites where you can book directly. Alternatively, you can use reputable travel agencies or booking platforms. It's worth comparing prices and looking for special offers or family deals. Early booking is recommended, especially for stays during the school holidays.

What if we have to cancel?

Cancellation policies vary by park, so it's crucial to read these carefully at the time of booking. Many parks offer free cancellation within a certain timeframe or the option to purchase travel insurance that covers cancellations for reasons like illness or travel disruptions.

What amenities and facilities will be on-site?

Holiday parks in Roussillon boast a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, playgrounds, sports courts, and entertainment venues. Parks like La Sirène also offer unique features such as high-quality water parks and diving lessons. Supermarkets, laundry facilities, and bike hire services are commonly found within the parks for your convenience.

Is it all-inclusive?

While some holiday parks offer packages that include dining and activities, most operate on a self-catering basis, giving families the flexibility to choose how they dine and spend their days. However, you'll often find packages that include access to certain facilities or activities, so it's worth checking what's included in your booking.

What dining options will be available?

Most parks have a variety of dining options, from restaurants and cafes to takeaway services. In Roussillon, you can expect to find a mix of international cuisine and local Catalan dishes. Many accommodations come with kitchen facilities, offering the option to cook your meals.

Can you leave the park and explore Roussillon?

Absolutely! Exploring the local area is highly recommended. Roussillon is known for its stunning landscapes, from the Mediterranean coast to the Pyrenees mountains. Visit charming villages like Collioure, or take a day trip to the vibrant city of Perpignan. Many parks offer excursion services or can provide advice on local attractions.

What do I need to pack?

Packing for a holiday park in Roussillon should include swimwear, comfortable clothing for activities, and perhaps a smarter outfit for dining out. Don't forget sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect against the sun. It's also wise to bring some basic cooking supplies if you plan to self-cater.

Is it different to a package holiday?

Yes, holiday parks offer more flexibility compared to traditional package holidays. You have the freedom to plan your days, choose your dining options, and explore the local area at your own pace. It's a more relaxed and self-directed way to enjoy your holiday, with the added benefit of a community atmosphere and plenty of activities on your doorstep.

Can you drive there?

Driving to Roussillon from the UK is a popular option for many families. It allows you to travel at your own pace and bring more luggage. The journey through France offers beautiful scenery and the opportunity to stop at interesting places along the way. Just remember to check your vehicle's requirements for driving in France, such as the need for a GB sticker and headlamp converters.

How does check-in and check-out work?

Check-in and check-out processes are similar to hotels. On arrival, you'll go to the reception area to register and receive your keys or access codes. Check-in times vary but are usually in the afternoon. On departure, you'll need to return your keys and ensure your accommodation is left clean and tidy. Late check-out may be available upon request.

Are there any sneaky hidden costs?

While holiday parks aim to be transparent with their pricing, it's important to check what's included in your booking. Additional costs can arise from activities, equipment hire, or dining in on-site restaurants. Always read the fine print and ask about any extra charges when booking.

How accessible is it for guests with disabilities?

Many holiday parks in Roussillon are equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities, offering accessible accommodation options and facilities. However, it's best to discuss your specific needs with the park in advance to ensure they can provide for you adequately.

Is Wi-Fi available, and is it free?

Wi-Fi is typically available in holiday parks, often free of charge in public areas. Some parks may offer Wi-Fi in accommodations as well, though there might be a fee. It's worth checking the details before you book if staying connected is important to you.

Can you take a baby to a holiday park?

Holiday parks are an excellent option for families with babies. Many offer baby-friendly accommodations and facilities like high chairs and cots. Parks also often have baby-changing facilities and dedicated pools or play areas for young children.

What if someone needs a doctor when we're there?

Holiday parks usually have procedures in place for medical emergencies, including on-site first aid and information on the nearest medical facilities. It's also a good idea to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses while abroad.

What are the best beaches in Roussillon for families?

Roussillon boasts some of the most family-friendly beaches in France. Argelès-sur-Mer offers wide sandy beaches with shallow waters perfect for little ones, while Canet-en-Roussillon is known for its calm waters and variety of water sports. Both have lifeguards on duty during the summer months, ensuring a safe environment for family fun.

Are there any cultural attractions suitable for children?

Yes, Roussillon is rich in culture and history, with plenty of attractions suitable for children. The Fortress of Salses offers interactive tours that bring history to life, and the Aquarium at Canet-en-Roussillon is both educational and entertaining. Exploring the narrow streets of Collioure, with its colourful buildings and seaside castle, is also a hit with families.

What local foods should we try?

Roussillon's cuisine is a delightful blend of French and Catalan influences. Be sure to try crème catalane, a delicious dessert similar to crème brûlée. For a savoury treat, anchovies from Collioure are a local specialty, and no visit would be complete without tasting some of the region's excellent wines and peach products, from juices to jams, celebrating the local fruit.