Switzerland Holiday Parks 2024

Camping Jungfrau, Switzerland, Switzerland

Camping Jungfrau

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Camping Jungfrau, a family-run holiday park in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Enjoy the scenic surroundings, cosy accommodation, and a variety of activities including hiking, table tennis, and more. Nearby municipal pool available.

Jungfrau, Switzerland, Bernese Oberland


Uncover the serene Jungfrau Campsite, nestled amidst 72 cascading waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, outdoor activities, and local attractions with discounts. No on-site pool, but a nearby municipal pool is available. Culinary delights await in the evening.

Manor Farm , Switzerland, Switzerland

Manor Farm

Manor Farm is a peaceful holiday park in Switzerland's Bernese Oberland, offering stunning Alpine views and Lake Thun access. Stay in varied accommodations, enjoy activities like crazy golf and table tennis, or relax by the lake. No pool, but lake swimming available.

Ultimate 2024 Family Guide to Holiday Parks in Switzerland

Switzerland is a playground for families looking for adventure and serious chilling out amidst some of Europes most iconic landscapes. It offers a temperate climate, with snowy winters perfect for skiing and warm summers that are ideal for hiking. Swiss culture is a blend of languages and traditions, offering a unique experience. Annually, over 1.5 million Brits explore its charm. From indulging in their famous mouth-watering chocolate to thrilling mountain activities, there's something for everyone. Flight time from the UK is around 1.5 to 2 hours. Opting for a family break at a Swiss holiday park offers the unbeatable advantage of experiencing nature and relaxation in one spot. Did you know? Switzerland invented the concept of the Red Cross.

Why a Swiss holiday park?

European holiday parks are essentially self-contained resorts offering a variety of accommodations, from mobile homes to chalets and apartments. Expect amenities like swimming pools, play areas, restaurants, and sometimes even direct beach access. They're designed for convenience, offering a blend of home comfort and hotel luxury. Compared to traditional UK hotels or package holidays, holiday parks in Switzerland provide a more flexible and family-oriented experience. They're great for families because of the self-catering facilities, space for children to play, and a community atmosphere. Many parks also welcome pets, making them a perfect choice for the whole family.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland, with its pristine lakes, towering Alps, and rich history, offers a unique holiday experience. It's not just about the chocolate and watches; the country is dotted with historical sites and natural wonders. A family break in a Swiss holiday park could average around £800 for a week, offering both value and unforgettable experiences. Switzerland hosts numerous festivals, including the International Balloon Festival in Château-d'Oex, adding a quirky and colourful aspect to your holiday. Its blend of cultures and languages makes it distinct from other European destinations, providing a rich, educational, and diverse holiday experience.

What's in it for the kids?

  1. Endless waterslides and swimming pools for splashing around.
  2. Onsite entertainment, from mini-discos to magic shows.
  3. Bike hire facilities to explore the surrounding areas.
  4. Watersports activities, such as paddleboarding and kayaking.
  5. Outdoor playgrounds and indoor arcades for endless fun.
  6. Kids clubs offering crafts, games, and opportunities to make new friends.

Staying safe in the sun and in the pools

Many holiday parks offer kids clubs with indoor activities for those sensitive to the sun. Safety is a priority, with lifeguards at pools and staff trained in first aid. These parks are designed with family safety in mind, ensuring a worry-free holiday.

Pet Friendly Switzerland Adventures

Taking your pet on holiday to Switzerland is straightforward with the right preparation. Ensure your pet's microchipped, has a pet passport, and is vaccinated against rabies. Switzerland is known for its pet-friendly approach, with many holiday parks welcoming pets. Restaurants like Café du Soleil in Geneva welcome pets, making dining out with your furry friend easy.
  1. Check pet travel regulations in advance.
  2. Choose a pet-friendly holiday park.
  3. Plan your journey with pet comfort stops.
  4. Bring your pet's familiar items to help them settle.
  5. Research local vet services near your holiday park.

Dog walking routes in Switzerland

Route Distance (miles) Scenery Postcode
Lake Geneva Promenade 2.5 Lake & Mountain Views 1006
Zermatt Trails 3 Alpine 3920
Lucerne River Path 1.5 Historic City & River 6003
Interlaken Aare Loop 2 Forest & River 3800
Bern Animal Park Walk 1.2 Woodland & Wildlife 3005

Dining at the park, or heading out

Holiday parks often feature on-site restaurants, offering convenience and a range of dining options. Local Swiss cuisine is known for dishes like fondue, raclette, and rösti. For a family-friendly dining experience, try Restaurant des Alpes in Lucerne. Couples might enjoy the intimate setting of Chez Vrony in Zermatt.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Switzerland is a playground for outdoor activities, with centres like Swiss Holiday Park in Morschach offering everything from rock climbing to horseback riding. Watersports are popular on Lake Geneva, with paddleboarding and sailing available. Prices vary, but a family can enjoy a day of activities for around £100-£200, depending on the adventure.

Handy packing list

Item Notes
Travel Documents Passports, travel insurance, and driving license if renting a car.
Weather-appropriate clothing Switzerland's weather can vary, so pack both warm and lightweight clothes.
Swimming gear For the pool and watersports activities.
Comfortable walking shoes For exploring the scenic trails and towns.
Sun protection Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are essential.
First Aid Kit Include any prescription medications.
Entertainment for kids Books, games, and tablets for long journeys.
Pet supplies If bringing a pet, remember their food, leash, and toys.
This checklist ensures you're well-prepared for a memorable family holiday in a European park, focusing on both fun and safety.

Where to stay in 2024

Bernese Oberland

Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland region is a paradise for families, offering a blend of breathtaking landscapes and family-friendly activities. With a temperate climate, it's ideal for both summer hikes and winter skiing. The nearest airport is Bern Airport (BRN), about 60 km away. The area is renowned for its traditional Swiss cuisine, especially cheese fondue, and the holiday parks here often boast incredible views of the Alps. Activities range from lake swimming in Lake Thun or Lake Brienz to exploring the Jungfrau region. Holiday parks in Bernese Oberland cater to families with amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, and easy access to nature trails.


What exactly is a European holiday park?

A European holiday park is essentially a self-contained resort offering a variety of accommodations and amenities designed for holidaymakers. In Switzerland, these parks often feature breathtaking views of the Alps, and cater to families looking for an adventurous yet comfortable stay. They typically include facilities such as swimming pools, play areas, restaurants, and sometimes even wellness centres and direct access to outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, or cycling.

How do I pick the right one for my family?

Consider what's important for your family's holiday experience. If you have young children, look for parks with extensive play areas and child-friendly pools. For families who love being outdoors, choose a park with easy access to hiking or ski areas. Swiss parks like Swiss Holiday Park in Morschach offer a wide range of activities suitable for all ages, ensuring there's something for everyone.

What types of accommodation are there?

In Switzerland, holiday park accommodations can range from luxury apartments and chalets to more budget-friendly mobile homes and bungalows. Many offer incredible views of the surrounding landscapes. For example, TCS Camping Lugano provides options from glamping tents to fully equipped bungalows, catering to different preferences and budgets.

How do you even get there?

Switzerland is well connected by its efficient public transport system, including trains and buses, which can get you close to most holiday parks. For those driving, the country's road network is excellent. International visitors can fly into major airports like Zurich, Geneva, or Basel and then take a train or rent a car to reach their destination.

Is visiting Switzerland at peak times a nightmare?

While Switzerland is undoubtedly popular during peak seasons like summer for hiking and winter for skiing, many holiday parks are designed to accommodate a large number of guests without feeling overcrowded. Booking in advance is key to ensuring you get the accommodation you want and can also help in securing better rates.

I like it! How do I book?

Booking is typically done directly through the holiday park's website or through various holiday booking platforms. It's advisable to compare prices and check for any special offers or family deals. Some parks may also offer packages including activities or dining options.

What if we have to cancel?

Most holiday parks in Switzerland offer a cancellation policy, but the terms can vary significantly. It's important to read these terms carefully at the time of booking. Consider taking out travel insurance that covers cancellation for added peace of mind.

What amenities and facilities will be on-site?

Swiss holiday parks often boast a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, sports facilities, children's play areas, restaurants, and convenience stores. Some, like Swiss Holiday Park, also offer wellness facilities such as spas and saunas. The specific offerings can vary, so check the park's website for details.

Is it all-inclusive?

While some Swiss holiday parks may offer packages that include dining and some activities, most operate on a self-catering basis. This provides the flexibility to cook your meals or enjoy dining out at the park's restaurants or local eateries.

What dining options will be available?

Most parks have on-site restaurants and cafes offering a range of dining options, from quick snacks to full meals. Many also have grocery stores or are located near villages where you can buy fresh local produce to cook in your accommodation.

Can you leave the park and explore Switzerland?

Absolutely! One of the great things about staying in a holiday park in Switzerland is the ease with which you can explore the surrounding area. Whether it's a day trip to a nearby city, a hike in the Alps, or a visit to a local cheese factory, there's plenty to see and do outside the park.

What do I need to pack?

Packing will depend on the season and activities you plan to enjoy. For summer, bring light clothing, swimwear, and hiking gear. For winter, pack warm clothing and ski equipment if you plan to hit the slopes. Don't forget sunscreen and a first-aid kit for outdoor adventures.

Is it different to a package holiday?

Yes, staying in a holiday park offers more flexibility and a sense of independence compared to a traditional package holiday. You have the freedom to plan your days, meals, and activities as you wish, making it a more personalised holiday experience.

Can you drive there?

Driving to and within Switzerland is straightforward, with well-maintained roads and clear signage. Remember that you'll need a motorway vignette to use the motorways, and consider the parking facilities at the holiday park before you arrive.

How does check-in and check-out work?

Check-in and check-out processes are similar to hotels. You'll typically check in at the reception desk, where you'll receive keys and information about the park. Check-out usually involves returning the keys and settling any additional charges.

Are there any sneaky hidden costs?

Be aware of potential additional costs such as tourist taxes, parking fees, and charges for certain amenities or activities. It's best to inquire about these when booking to avoid surprises.

How accessible is it for guests with disabilities?

Many Swiss holiday parks are equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities, offering accessible accommodations and facilities. However, it's important to check with the park in advance to ensure they can meet your specific needs.

Is Wi-Fi available, and is it free?

Wi-Fi is commonly available in Swiss holiday parks, often free of charge in public areas. Some parks may offer Wi-Fi in accommodations as well, but it's worth checking if there are any fees associated.

Can you take a baby to a holiday park?

Yes, holiday parks in Switzerland are family-friendly and equipped to welcome babies and young children. Many offer amenities like cots and high chairs, and have baby-friendly facilities.

What if someone needs a doctor when we're there?

Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system. Holiday parks usually have information on local medical services and can assist in arranging a doctor's visit if needed. It's also a good idea to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

What's the best way to experience local culture from a holiday park?

Participate in local events and festivals, and try regional dishes at the park's restaurant or local eateries. Visiting nearby towns and engaging with locals is also a great way to immerse yourself in Swiss culture.

Are pets allowed in Swiss holiday parks?

Many holiday parks in Switzerland are pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your furry friends along for the holiday. However, it's crucial to check the park's pet policy in advance, as there may be restrictions or additional fees.

What are the best activities for kids in Swiss holiday parks?

Swiss holiday parks offer a plethora of activities for children, including indoor and outdoor play areas, swimming pools with slides, and organised activities like crafts and sports. Parks located near the mountains may also offer family-friendly hiking trails and winter sports opportunities.