Croatia Campsites

Why go Camping in Croatia?

Exploring Croatia offers a treasure trove of activities perfect for those on camping holidays. From serene boat trips to the Brijuni Islands, where snorkelling is a must, to exploring the historic streets of Poreč, adorned with a mix of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque architecture, including the UNESCO-listed Euphrasian Basilica. Pula, the Istrian capital, is famous for its Roman Amphitheatre and vibrant summer illumination show, “Lighting Giants”. For nature lovers, Krka National Park with its stunning waterfalls and the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters is unforgettable. Zagreb’s Hrelić flea market offers a unique shopping experience, where you can find everything from antiques to modern goods.

Imagine Croatia as a canvas of cultural and natural beauty. Delve deeper into its history by visiting Poreč, not just for its architecture but to feel the layers of time in its streets. Pula offers more than historical sights; it’s a blend of ancient marvels with contemporary life, especially during the “Lighting Giants” show, which transforms the industrial into the magical. Krka National Park is a natural masterpiece, allowing for immersive experiences in its waterfalls and lakes. Zagreb’s Hrelić market is more than shopping; it’s a cultural dive into the local way of life, offering treasures from the past and present. Each activity in Croatia weaves together the country’s rich tapestry of history, nature, and vibrant culture.

How to Get There

Traveling to Croatia by air is the most practical option, with a flight duration of around three hours from the UK/Ireland. For those visiting the Istrian campsites, Pula airport is nearest, whereas Zadar serves those heading to the Dalmatian Coast. Split airport is also a viable choice for car rental convenience. Detailed flight information and booking links are available in the ‘flight recommendations’ section on each campsite’s webpage.

Campsites in Istria Croatia

Holidaying in Istria immerses you in a world where the azure Adriatic Sea meets quaint fishing villages, and the hinterlands boast lush vineyards and pine forests. This picturesque peninsula offers a blend of historical allure and Italian-influenced cuisine in its hilltop towns. Opt for camping in Istria to experience its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and the perfect balance of leisure by the sea or pool, alongside adventurous outdoor activities. It’s an ideal mix of relaxation and exploration under the Mediterranean sun.

Canvas Holidays have no less than 15 campsites to choose from in Istria. Just a few of our favourites include…

Campsite Lanterna

At the heart of Istria’s radiant coastline, the 4-star Lanterna Campsite shines with its vast and vibrant atmosphere, showcasing an impressive pool complex and a wide array of amenities. Nestled near Porec, adjacent to a stunning pebble beach, it epitomizes the essence of Croatian camping. With a plethora of sports and leisure activities, including tennis, volleyball, and an outdoor gym, alongside entertainment for children and teens, and evening live music, Lanterna offers a comprehensive and joyful holiday experience. Dining options, a supermarket, and varied accommodation types ensure a comfortable stay, making it an ideal choice for a memorable family holiday.

Choose to stay in Eco Lodge Tents or from a wide range of holiday homes from Comfort to Premium models.

Why you’ll love this campsite

  • Beautiful beachside location

  • Pool complex overlooking harbour

  • 10 minutes from Porec

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